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Looking Back

Kent Hanwell

The "Looking Back" album is a collection of 12 instrumental compositions for piano and cello which has just been released. The album is available to listen to music to on music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Youtube Music and Spotify.

Listen to the title track, and some samples of the album are listed below.

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Past Releases

Now Is the Time

to ...

be calm 




Electric piano, cello, bass and choir sounds combine together to create a relaxing background. This music can also be used for a popular breathing technique to help you de-stress and bring about better health. The "365 breathing method" is popular with therapists who advocate making this kind of stress relieving exercise a daily routine. My version of this technique is as follows:  

1. Taking a breathing break three times a day (3).  

2. Inhale for six seconds, exhale for six seconds (6).  

3. Do this for a total of five minutes (5).  

4. Everyday (365).  

For those of you who have some musical knowledge, the tempo is 4/4 time, set at 78 beats per minute. Count 8 beats breathing in, 8 beats breathing out, or 2 bars inhaling, 2 bars exhaling. 100 bars is about 5 minutes.  

For those without musical knowledge, breath in for six seconds and breath out for 6 seconds, maintaining this pattern for a total of five minutes. Follow the music closely and you will notice the changes which are prompting you to maintain your breathing pattern.  

The music is an hour long and through composed, meaning there is no looping or repeats. You can start the music at any point and begin your 365 breathing technique because the tempo is consistent throughout. This method has been scientifically proven to calm your brain and body.  

Now Is the Time can be found on all the popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.